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Fed Up Healthy Salad

Why Fed Up

Having Trouble Reaching Your Health Goals?

Fed Up helps you lose weight, gain muscle, or just feel better by eating healthier!

Whatever your personal goals are, Fed Up designs a program specifically for you ranging from 30, 60, 90 days

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*Longer program lengths are available

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Each meal is portioned out for you and broken down by the Macronutrients ensuring you are on the path towards your goals

Pick up your healthy, homemade meals Twice a Week, so your food can stay fresh in your refrigerator

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You can have anywhere between 3-6 Meals/Snacks a day, depending on what program is right for you, so there's no feeling hungry

We use seasonally available Organic and all Natural ingredients to prepare your delicious and healthy meals. The only dairy used in our program is low-fat cottage cheese and organic Greek yogurt.

Fed up Menu Item

If you are Fed Up with all the unhealthy options out there and are ready for simple, convenient, healthy & nutritious homemade meals, then sign up today and get started on your new journey to a healthier lifestyle!

Are you Fed Up? You can be.
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About Linzie

My mother always stressed the importance of health to all 12 of her children. I never knew why my mother did it. Now that Fed Up has been up and running for the last few years, I see why.

Today, I not only educate my 4 children in nutrition, but I get to share my love and passion for healthy eating with so many others. I love that so many people are interested in their health and want to make a positive lifestyle change.

When I started Fed Up, I didn’t know where it would go or how it would grow. My first two customers were friends who wanted me to make them some healthy meals because they were so impressed with my personal results. They both loved my first Fed Up program and saw amazing results. Next their wives tried it, and then their friends, and then their friend’s friend’s, and before I knew it, 3.5 years later, I’m now opening a second location because of the vitality and renewed health and energy the Fed Up program brings to so many people. I’m telling you, when you feel this new life of health and energy, you won’t ever want to go back to your old eating habits.


I have competed in fitness shows that really pushed me to my limits. The results were great, but I created a more maintainable program that you can live and enjoy!

Fed Up is a lifestyle, that will help anyone reach their personal goals. With simple ingredients, convenient healthy meals, yummy treats, and nutritious green smoothies (that are so satisfying), I have made it easy and delicious to live a healthy life! It’s a lifestyle you will love to live forever!

I want to grow old and play with my children’s children. With my lifelong goal of taking care of my body through nutrition, I not only know it’s possible for me but for anyone who wants to live a healthier, happier lifestyle! Feeling good from the inside out is where it all begins.

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